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Somi’s first documentary

“The Millennial Disruption” delves into the technological and cultural shifts defining millennials. Featuring insights from industry titans like Gary Vaynerchuk and executives from The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, and Jaguar Land Rover, the film offers a comprehensive look at the evolving digital landscape. Highlighted on BBC 5 Live as “disruptive in its very approach,” the documentary earned 12 international award nominations and secured three wins.


Somi Arian Podcast

Lack of a female perspective in the top tier of business and technology has never felt as pressing as it does today. The future of humanity is being shaped by a handful of giant tech corporations, all of them founded and run by men – in The West and in The East alike. Tech-Philosopher and Entrepreneur Somi Arian discusses the lack of female presence in leadership roles in Business and Technology, with academics, industry leaders, and thinkers from across the world as together they brainstorm how to change this narrative.

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